Monday, March 30, 2009

Pregnant Brain

Yes....pregnant brain is a real thing! I know that people make fun of it all the time but believe is something that you cannot control. It's like the simplist of daily things are forgotten or misunderstood. In honor of this I want to share with you my biggest moment of pregnancy brain thus far.

Yesterday we had our maternity photo shoot. I will have to brag about how wonderful Angie was and give you all her website so that you can look at her work. But I will do that in another post. :) Well, you know us....we can't ever be on time for anything. It takes our family a full 2 hours of getting ready from start to out the door if we have a special event. Well, anyway, we were running around getting our change of clothes and props for the pictures out in the car and I wasn't sure what the weather was going to be like so I wore jeans. Well, last minute I had to run back into the house because I decided that I needed to bring flip flops for our outdoor photos. I am so glad that I did that! We hopped in the car and away we went. Well, about halfway to the photographers house I reached down to get something on the floorboard and realized that I had put on 2 different shoes! They were both black but totally different! I pointed it out to Jeromy and we laughed pretty much the rest of the way there!

At the time I didn't know whether to blame it on pregnant brain or the fact that I can't see my face but now....I realize that it was both! Needless to say from now on everytime that I get dressed I am going to try to remember to look down and make sure that I have on matching shoes!

Enjoy that laugh for the day! Hopefully my photos will be ready to post in the next few days! :)


Aunt Dana said...

Okay Lauren it could be genetics...I have actually done that too! You would have thought the two different heal heights would have been a clue.

Love ya, Aunt Dana

himee said...

Too funny!