Friday, March 20, 2009

Our crazy buzy week.

This week has been so crazy! Nanie and Nana arrived on Sunday and we have been having a great time hanging out with them. But with the girls on Spring Break, work and doing spring projects around the house we have been going non stop. Last night was the first time I have turned the TV on all week! (And we only caught up on Lost and One Tree Hill!)

On Saturday Kara and I went on a shopping spree. It was a lot of fun but all that shopping actually wore me out. By the end of the day I was actually tired of shopping! LOL! Imagine that!?! I wanted to do one final "Stock up" of clothes for the family before Karsyn gets here. The girls were in need of some early summer clothes and Jeromy has not had new shorts since our honeymoon! So we went to Justice and spent about 2-3 hours in there. I think that Kara tried on everything in the store in her size! We finally narrowed it down to a stack of things that we loved and had to have for both girls and then dropped a small mint at the register. I think all in all we left with 7 bottoms, 12 tops and 4 pairs of shoes. :) I hit the jackpot at Old Navy looking for Jeromy. They were having friends and family so that made his stuff a steal. He now has a good stash of clothes that will last him for a while. I did buy myself 2 dresses and a pair of shoes from Forever 21. I am confident that they will still fit me after Karsyn is born and they looked great with my belly too.

In the evening Ashley, Adam, Addison, Kennedi, Ashley, Jason, Ryan, April, Guy, Maddie and Maycee came over. It was really nice to all get together. Kara loved playing with all the kids and Ryan and Addison had fun with each other too! And of course we all had fun loving on Baby Kennedi. I can't wait until Karsyn is here...I have a feeling that next summer the two of them will be getting into a lot of trouble together. :)

Sunday morning Jeromy and I got up and had to get to the hospital for our tour of labor and delivery. Plano Presby is such a nice hospital. The whole staff is extremely friendly which is great because with Dr. Garner being so wonderful already it will make our experience there even more enjoyable. They are the only hospital in the area with a Level III NICU. They have the capabilities to care for babies born at only 23 weeks! We are obviously beyond that point but it is great to know that they are fully prepared for every situation.

On Sunday afternoon Kara and Karlee had their older sibling tour of the hospital. They were so well behaved and really liked the idea that they would be getting special treatment since they are the "BIG SISTERS" They made sure to remind me that they will need to wear their big sister shirts and buttons everyday while they are there visiting us. The lady conducting the class went over several things that they would be seeing and where Jeromy and I would be over the course of time that we were there. They really liked looking at the brand new baby in the "admissions" nursery. They were excited to know that is where they would be able to see Karsyn there while she was getting her bath. Our hospital actually is great because after she is born they will come out to the waiting room and bring the older siblings in first so that they can spend time with mom and dad bonding with baby before anyone else. The girls had lots of questions about different things in the room but their most important question that they wanted answered was "What do we do if we get hungry while we are here waiting?" The lady giggled and I promised them that if they were hungry while we were there Grandma or Pop would take them to get some food. I guess they thought that they would just have to be hungry while we were there. LOL!

The rest of this week has kind of been a blur. Kara went to her friend Masie's house today while I am at work because Grandma and Aunt Holly are going shopping for the shower with Nanie and Nana. Kara was really excited to get to go play. She got up really early and didn't waste any time getting ready. She looked so cute in her new clothes! I will have to take a picture of the 2 of them together. They both have red hair and they have the same birthday! They are convinced that they are twins but with different moms. :)

Well, there you have is long and wore you out to read...HUH?!?!? That is how I feel too. I am so glad that today is Friday. I am really looking forward to my shower this weekend and I will post lots and lots of pictures on Monday....PROMISE. :) And in case you are I am 29w2d. Wohoo next week I will be 30 weeks! WOW!

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