Friday, March 13, 2009

28 weeks pregnant and the 1 hr. test

YUCK! That is the word I can use to describe todays glucose screening. I had to take the 1 hr. today to check for gestational diabetes. I didn't have any problems with this when I was pregnant with Kara but almost everything has been different about this pregnancy. Hopefully this will the one thing that the pregnancy's have in common....well...this and a short labor and delivery. :)

28 weeks is such a huge milestone for me.....7 months....I am 7 months pregnant! That is just crazy to beleive! That is pretty much 2 more months left....well 2 and a half but still....CRAZY to think that 7 months have gone by so quickly and now we are in the home stretch. My swelling has gone away this week for the most part. I am officially up 16 lbs. from my pre pregnancy weight. I am okay with that number considering I gained so much more with Kara. LOL! My dr. was happy with my weight and blood pressure so now I just have to wait 3 weeks until we go back for another ultrasound to follow up on a small calcium deposit on Karsyn's heart and they will also measure her weight. My guess is that she will be about 3lbs.

Here is a belly picture from today...I took them in the bathroom at work. My belly is definately growing!

Yes...I told you that it is getting big! :)

I have such an exciting week up ahead. My Nanny and Nana are coming into town on Sunday to stay the week. We are really looking forward to spending the week with them. We also have our hospital tour on Sunday and Kara & Karlee have their Older Sibling class at the hospital....I wonder what questions they will have after the class is over. :)

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