Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"It goes by way too quickly."

I'm sure that everyone has heard this cliche statement. It isn't until you are a parent yourself that you realize just how quickly it does go by. On a day to day basis you watch your little one changing and learning new things. It was just last week as I was reading my 'Your Baby Week by Week book' that I told Jeromy there was no way that Karsyn would start splashing in the tub a week from then.....but....just this weekend when we were at the pool she started splashing her hands and giggling in delight! WOW! What a difference that week made!
I also think back to last year when Kara began 1st grade and her reading was still spotty and she had to have me help her sound things out. I used to be able to spell words out to Jeromy like N-A-P to keep it from the kids. Then one day in the spring she looked at me and said "No way! I am not taking a nap when we get home!" Now she reads everything! If I have something private that I don't want her seeing I have to hide it because she can definitly read it now! I am proud of that milstone and I love listening to her read. :)

Karsyn is now 3 1/2 months old and she is changing every day! She has been sleeping in her own room at night (for the last 2 weeks!) and she even falls asleep with the help of a pacifier! If you asked me a month ago if she was taking a paci I would have said no because she just started liking it! Not that I want her to be addicted to a paci but as a breastfeeding mommy it is nice for her to have a way to soothe herself besides nursing!! She really is a great baby and so easy to breastfeed! She is now eating every 3-6 hours (the longest stretch at night) but she only takes about 10 minutes to finish a feeding! It's great...really and I love spending that time with her! My ultimate goal is 1 year but at 6 months I will evaluate where we are and I will see how things go from there! My next adventure is going to be making baby food!

Here is Karsyn's picture from 3 months! Look at her chubby cheeks!

And I had to add this picture because people always wonder who she looks like....and well....not to brag.....but this looks exactly like ME! My mom said that she looks so much like me that for her it is a blast from the past!

Oh....and on a side note! Remeber the last post I made about Karsyn being used for advertising for Picture People?? Well.....if you go into the Stonebriar location up above the couter there is a black and white picture of a chubby sleeping baby. Can you guess who that is??? Yep....that's right! It's my little Karsyn!