Friday, November 20, 2009

So excited about my Etsy purchase!

I'm sure you are all thinking.....What is this? Well......let me tell ya! :) This is called an iSpy bag and I ordered 2 this morning from Etsy. It is a bag for all ages that is filled with small beads and little trinkets hidden inside. On the outside of the bag is a card listing the items inside. My girls are getting one of these for Christmas and I am going to give the other as a gift to one of our neices. This is such a great toy for kids going on trips or ones that get bored easily in the car! I will let you know what I think when it arrives. In case anyone is interested in ordering one the seller is cricketandsix. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

8 years ago today........

I welcomed my beautiful daughter Kara Ashton into the world! She was born on a beautiful Friday at 12:34pm weighing 7lbs. 13oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long. My labor was fast and very easy. My mom and sister were there and they kept shouting how beautiful she was while she was being cleaned up. I was pretty out of it after her delivery but the 1st thing I remember saying to the doctor was "Is it still a girl?" He laughed and of course replied "yes."

She has been such a blessing and I love watching her grow. She changed my life in so many ways and I can't imagine a day without her! She has such a kind heart, a free spirit and a playful attitude.
Today Karsyn and I took her Chick-fil-A for lunch at school and also brought cupcakes for her class. Her party is this weekend and it is a joint party with her best friend Maisie. (They share the same birthday!)

Here are some pictures from today:

Kara and Karsyn after Lunch
Kara and her best friend, Maisie (they share a b-day and both have red hair! Crazy coincidence!)

Kara and Mommy enjoying lunch

Happy Birthday Kara! Mommy loves you and I am very proud of you!!!