Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A few updates! And Maternity photo sneak peak!!!

We had our 32 week appointment yesterday. It went really well. I am now at a total of 21lbs. gained through this pregnancy. Not too shabby for being 8 months pregnant as of tomorrow. We had an u/s and Karsyn looks great. She still has the echogenic foci on her heart but our OB and pedi are not concerned with it so we are trying not to be either. (Easier said then done when it's your baby.) We had an u/s tech that I don't particularly care for. She isn't very friendly and pushed and poked my stomach so hard trying to get her to turn around that I was sore afterwards. Anyway, on to Karsyn....she is weighing in at an est. 4lbs. head down, face down. The tech pointed out hair on her head. (SO CUTE!) And she is getting chubby little cheeks! I really can't wait to have our 3-D u/s on Saturday. Hopefully she will turn over this time so we can get a good look at her face!

And drumroll please..........Dr. Garner said that he only wants to keep her in about 6 more weeks so that she doesn't get too big. He is going to induce us on May 22nd. It just is so crazy that we are now at a count down of when we will be meeting her! I hope that this month goes by quickly so that I don't crazy! Although we still have so much to get ready before she makes her appearance so I guess that 6 weeks won't seem too long!

And here are some sneak peaks from our maternity photo session that we had done on 3/29/09 at 30 weeks 4 days.

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Aunt Dana said...


I absolutely love the pictures!!! I can see soooo many cool scrapbook pages.

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Aunt Dana