Thursday, December 31, 2009

A wonderful Christmas!

This year we had an absolutely amazing Christmas! We always have a fabulous Christmas but this year seemed to be extra magical....for many reasons. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of your children is like nothing else and with this being Karsyn's 1st Christmas it made it extra special. She loved looking at her toys and she esspecially loved ripping up the tiny pieces of paper!

Christmas morning we woke up at our house with just Jeromy, Kara, Karsyn and I. Santa had left lots of presents for the kids and they were extremely happy with what they were given! Karsyn recieved a Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle and some some small toys in her stocking and Kara and Karlee recieved shirt decorators.

After we had drank some coffee and got dressed we headed over to my Mom and Dad's house to open presents with the rest of the family. We loaded up all of our presents....yes....all of them! We normally have them over to spend the night on Christmas Eve but with the snow we had we decided to just wait until the morning and go there instead.

We had a great time with the family and Holly and John loved helping Karsyn open her presents. I think it is safe to say that Karsyn now has more toys that Toys R Us. :)

After we opened gifts with my family we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and rushed home to meet Karlee. She spent the morning with her mom this year and came over around 2. Kara had been dying for her to get there all day so that they could finally open their big box. Karlee opened all of her gifts first and then it was time.........

The kids were so excited opening the box! They could hardly contain themselves......

After opening they were shocked to find a tiny box inside.....but still excited to find out their surprise!

They were showing us that the small box wanted to be opened.......the anticipation was growing and they then found a DVD to be played. Which drove them even days of excitment and an afternoon of anticipation the DVD was played.......

It was in that last 15 seconds of the DVD that we finally announced that for Christmas we would be taking a family trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!! This picture shows the exact second the words came out of my mouth.
What this photo doesn't show is that immeadiately after Kara screamed so loud she could have shattered glass....and Karlee cried because she was so very happy. For months we have been planning this vacation. I spent countless hours reading planning books.....deciding and ordering outfits.....making dining reservations......searching for the cheapest airfare and dreaming about the moment that we would finally be able to share the surprise with the girls and I have to say that their reactions made it all worth wild. This would be their first visit to Disney World as well as Jeromy's 1st visit. We were looking forward to leaving!! was off to pack our bags to leave for the airport just 3 short hours later. :)

As you see......our Christmas was magical for many reasons.


Mitzi G.!! said...

What a great way to tell them about the trip.....hope 2010 is as magical as your 2009 Christmas :)

Jamie said...

Such an awesome idea! I hope all of your hard work paid off!

P.E. Ratio said...

I loved reading this! You guys are the coolest parents ever! :)