Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Pool Party!!!

This year for Kara's birthday party we decided to have a double birthday celebration with Kara's best friend, Maisie at The Embassy Suites in Frisco. They each invited several friends for swimming and then had 2 friends stay the night. Tara and I planned for weeks so that the party would be perfect. And it was despite a run in with the evening manager when we checked in. Long story short they ended up having to comp us a 2nd room because they were not going to allow us to have additional guests in the pool. Jeromy got everything straightened out and after that things were smooth sailing. The men even discovered that they have complimentary Happy Hour from 5-7 every night! Tara and I think we may have a joint birthday party for ourselves there. :)
The kids swam for 3+ hours and had a blast. They jumped, played Marco Polo, flipped and acted goofy as usual. After we finished swimming we headed up to our room for pizza and fun! My brothers girlfriend, Christa stayed the night and gave the girls pedicures and makeovers. They loved having her there.....and so did we! It was so nice to have a teenager that could keep them occupied. I recommend that for anyone having a slumber party!
In the morning we enjoyed a complimentary breakfast buffet and packed up our stuff. I think one of the greatest parts of not having it at our house was not having to clean up the mess the girls left behind!
Here are some pictures of the party:


Jamie said...

That looks like so much fun! I did the same thing when I was a little girl. Great fun! Love Karsyn's bikini!

Elicia said...

You have been a posting fool lately! Looks like sweet Kara had a great party, and Karsyn looks adorable!