Sunday, December 13, 2009

Halloween in December

Okay......I realize that Halloween was a month and a half ago but I just realized that I didn't post the pictures or share any stories so I wanted to catch up. I'm trying to be a good blogger and stay as current as possible. (Although....with things happening daily I'm not sure I will be able to.) My goal is to take time out of each day to blog.....even if it is just about the little things.....cause after all......isn't it the little things that make life wonderful. :)

This year for Halloween we went to Robert and Tina's house. Every year they have their kids and grandkids over....and since they are my second family we went along this year. Robert and Tina are wonderful people and from the first time I met them when Ashley and I were in college they have always treated us like part of the family. And it is so nice that Kara, Karlee and Karsyn are able to grow up with Maddie, Maycee, Addison and Kennedi. :) And the guys like each other too. :)

So I was saying....this year we went to Robert and Tina's. We took the kids trick or treating and then we all hung out, ate some delicious gumbo and had a great time!
Kara, Karsyn and I posin for the camera. :)
Look at this group of cuties....Maycee, Maddie, Kara and Addison
Ashley and I with the babies. :) Aren't they just the sweetest!
Mommy and Karsyn Trick or Treating
Daddy wants his picture taken too!
We had such a great time and next year Kennedi and Karsyn and going to want in on that candy action! It's great friends like this that make life fun!

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