Saturday, February 28, 2009

26 weeks 3 days.....and an announcement

23 weeks ago to the day I found out that we were expecting! I can't beleive that this much time has gone by and that we have less than 14 weeks to go! I know that these next weeks are going to fly by but at the same time are going to drag so incredibly slowly. 26 weeks for me brought on more than just another week into my pregnancy this week I have discovered:

1. Swollen ankles....or cankles in my opinion. The swelling has gone down and my blood pressure is okay but that was so strange to see my feet look like that!

2. Back aches that keep me up at night. Last night I woke up probably 5 times with my hips aching so badly that I would have to roll to the other side to help the pain.

3. Getting up an additional time during the night to pee! Yes....I am now up to 3 times a night.

4. The greatest part.....feeling Karsyn turning and moving so much more during the day. I have been feeling her every day for 6 weeks or so but now her movements are more frequent and more powerful.

5. A much bigger belly! I swear that I have had to go up a size in my tops because most of the ones that I currently have are too short. (Oh well, it was time for a season change anyway!)

6. And last, but certainly not least.....I gained 8 lbs. in 2 weeks! My dr. thinks that it is because I was so swollen earlier this week when I was weighed but I am not convinced! AHH!!! I guess all of those cookies everyday is not such a great idea.

In honor of this milestone here is a belly picture from Tuesday at 25w6d.

And here are my belly pictures from 26 weeks. I took these at work. :)

And for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.......

We are proud to let you all know that Kara and Karlee both made the A honor roll again this 6 weeks! We bought them a new Webkinz and took them to the Olive Garden to celebrate. They are both so incredibly smart. We are so so proud of them! So next time you see them congratulate them.

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Mark and Amanda said...

Love the pictures! You look great!