Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Big Acomplishment...and a birthday party

We have acomplished our final of goals for the planning of the nursery! We picked paint colors!! After 2 weeks of looking for paint colors and $40 spent on samples the 3 colors and shades have been picked and are ready to be purchased! I have been stressing about finding the perfect colors because I have a vision in my head and I want the room to match that vision. We already have the furniture, the bedding and the wall decor. So this weekend we are prepping and beginning to paint. The pink will be the first color to be done and then we will finish with the green. The chocoloate is the last color that we will be painting. Cross your fingers for us that no paint gets spilled or that Jeromy doesn't strangle me before the project is complete!

Now I think that nesting is starting to kick in....not in full force but it is starting to rear it's head. With working full time both Jeromy and I use the weekends to complete everything that needs to be done. And the next 6 weekends are planned and packed. Here is a rundown of all of our weekend plans:

3/1- Ryan's 2nd Birthday Party
3/7- My Birthday!!! We have a 3-D u/s that day too!
3/15- Nestie Get together/Hospital Tours/Nanie and Nana arrive
3/22- My Family Baby Shower
3/28-Maternity Photo Shoot
3/29-Mom's Birthday
4/5- My Baby Shower
4/6- Breastfeeding Class
4/12- Easter

Then it should let up a little with the plans. But don't let this busy schedule fool you....I love to be busy. It gives me something exciting to look forward to each week! We had a busy weekend this past weekend too!
This weekend we celebrate our neice, Graycee Jane turning 1. I can't beleive that it has already been a year since she was born. Time flies way to quickly. That is one reason that I am enjoying everyday of this pregnancy. I know all too well that time doesn't stand still and that in the blink of any eye time is gone. So today, hug the people that you love and take the time to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing.

Belly pics coming tomorrow!!

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