Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Pictures to catch everyone up.

I promised that I would post some pictures so here are a few random ones to show everyone what we have been up to. Hope you enjoy them.

Here is our 3-d ultrasound of Karsyn at 17 weeks. She was still very small and her features were still developing but this is such an amazing picture. She is yawning and has her hand over her mouth. We are either boring to her or she just has good manners. :) We go back on my birthday for another set and I will be 27 weeks so we should have some really good ones of her beautiful little face.
Here is Kara and Karlee on Christmas morning opening their karaoke game for their Wii. They love playing the Wii and they love to sing. It has all their favorite Disney songs on there and they sing them LOUD! Lets just hope that they may have some hidden talent that their parents don't. They could be the next Hannah Montana!

This is Kara and I at her Christmas concert that due to icy weather was postponed until mid January. She was so excited for the whole family to be there. I think that she was probably the only kid there with a 8 person audience! All the Roby family attended including John, Holly's boyfriend. (I am 20 weeks pregnant in this picture.)

Here is Jeromy and Kara getting ready to leave for the Daddy Daughter Dance. They had such a great time and Kara saw all of her friends. Jeromy said that they danced to the hokie pokie and to butterfly kisses. They drank punch and had their picture made. She had such a great time. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is an amazing daddy!

Here it is my belly picture from 23 weeks. I know that it is 2 weeks old but this is the most recent. I promise that we will take more soon. It has grown so much over the last few weeks. Strangers on a daily basis ask me when I'm due and people are always holding the door open. Someone even let me cut in line at Quiznos last week! (I guess they fear the wrath of a pregnant lady that is hungry!)

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