Tuesday, January 19, 2010

6 month well visit.....2 months overdue!

Today we had Karsyn's 6 month well visit....even though she is 8 months old! I didn't mean to put it off for so long but November and December were such crazy months and I just kept forgetting....add that to the fact that we have been in between health insurance plans and here we are.....2 months late.

The visit went really well. Our pediatrician, Dr. Goebel, said that Karsyn was doing very well with meeting milestones and that she is very healthy. She is still very much on the petite side. Weighing in at 14lbs. 11.8oz. and she is 25 1/2 inches long. That is 5% for weight and 8% for height. I was concerned with these numbers when I first was given them because she has always been around 15% but after reassurance from both the nurse and dr. that she is growing perfectly on her own growth curve I am no longer worried. They said she is just going to be tiny. Not like Little People Big World tiny....just a little girl. I guess she will just stay petite like her Aunt Holly!

At 8 months she is a busy busy little girl. She loves playing with her toys and she tries to grab anything and everything within her reach! She crawls....but not forward completely.....she can go forward slightly but she mostly crawls backwards! She is starting to attempt pulling up. She is constantly trying to pull herself up on her crawl and cruise jungle! She waves and it is the funniest wave I have ever seen her whole hand and all her fingers move. It is very cute!! She mimicks kisses and will blow kisses.....which I just absolutely LOVE! Her vocab consists of DaDa, Bubba and Bye bye. No MaMa yet but I am working hard on that one every day!! She LOVES animals! Cats, dogs....and as we discovered this weekend....turtles too! She will now drink from a bottle! This is a major acomplishment considering a month ago she wouldn't even let a bottle touch her lips. She now gulps down juice (loves Pear juice!) or breast milk out of a bottle. I haven't tried formula yet, but I may soon just for a back-up just in case. Puffs are still her favorite snack. Although, lil crunchers (cheese flavor) come in a close second! After naptime when I go get her out of her bed she is either sitting up or is on all 4 rocking. (seriously cute!)

Her schedule is pretty set and like clockwork I know what she needs at each point during the day. She gets up between 7:30 and 8 every day. She plays for a little bit and then is ready for breakfast. Her favorite things to eat for breakfast are Gerber yogurt, mangos and pears. After breakfast she plays for a little bit longer and is ready to go down for a morning nap by 9:30. This nap generally lasts for about an hour....maybe longer if she didn't sleep well the night before. After her nap she is ready to nurse. She is a really quick eater....10 minutes TOPS! We usually run errands or just play during this time. And she eats a snack before we go get Kara from school at 2:50pm. After we pick up sister we come home and play for about 30 minutes, nurse and she is ready for another nap. This is her long nap of the day....usually 2 1/2 hours! I try to get things done during this time.....most of the time though I relax. :) After her nap she is ready to nurse again. I normally feed her dinner around 6:30 or 7 then she gets a bath, PJ's, plays with Daddy for a little bit, nurses again and goes down for bed around 8:30. She still gets up once each night to nurse. I am working on breaking this habit but for now I don't mind. I really do enjoy nursing her at night. It's quiet and she is so sleepy. I just rub her hair and stare at her pretty little face. It's nice quiet time with my little peanut that is growing way too quickly! I wish I could stop time.

Here are her 8 month pictures taken on Friday night. It is getting hard to get her to sit still while we take them and actually pay attention. She just wants to grab her sign, chew it or pet the lamb. We probably took 30 pictures hoping to get just 1 that would work!

"It's my sign....I'll crinkle it if I want to!"

"How could I possibly look at the camera with this bear sitting next to me!?"

"What....is this what you want?"

"Fine....take away my sign....but I'm still NOT smiling!"


Mitzi G.!! said...

she is so cute!!

Jamie said...

Cute pics! Langston still wakes once in the night, too. I feel the same way you do. It won't last forever and I love how sleepy he is, too! Great post! Can't wait to see you girls tomorrow and I hope you are feeling better!

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